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Jinnx by TrekkieGalShi-Bop 2 Cover by TrekkieGalShi-Bop by TrekkieGalCarla Cox: The Goddess of Hermia by TrekkieGalHerm's In Perl 4 Cover by TrekkieGalHerm's in Perl 3 by TrekkieGalHerm's In Peril 2 Cover by TrekkieGalHerms in Perils: Issue 1 by TrekkieGal


Trektorial Issue #1 by TrekkieGalTrekktorial Issue No# 2 by TrekkieGalTrekktorial Issue No #3 by TrekkieGalTrekktorial Issue 4 by TrekkieGalTrekktorial #5 by TrekkieGal

Priced $5 and less Note me.



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9:13 pm
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Super Index

Rated Ao for Teens? by TrekkieGal

My Stories and Original Characters based on me:

Amazonia: Volume 1 Issue 1 Index by TrekkieGalAmazonia Volume 1 Issue 2: Index by TrekkieGalAmazonos: The Journey Index by TrekkieGalAmazonia Volume 2 Issue 1 Index by TrekkieGalAmazonia Vol 2 Issue 2: The Amazon's Father Index by TrekkieGalAmazonia Vol 1 Issue 3 Index by TrekkieGal
Camilla Gomez, Stunning Gomez, Amazonia

The Changeling Issue 1 Index by TrekkieGalChangeling Issue-2 Index by TrekkieGalChangeling Issue 3 Index by TrekkieGalJail Break Index by TrekkieGalDark Doll Index by TrekkieGalStreet Life Index by TrekkieGalTwin Dolls Index by TrekkieGalUltra-Dollhouse Index Two by TrekkieGalUltra-Dollhouse Index One by TrekkieGalHeart of Thorne Index by TrekkieGal
Cynthia Crowne/The Changeling
Girl Friday Index by TrekkieGalGirl Friday: Horsepower Index by TrekkieGalGirl Friday: SINDEX Index by TrekkieGal
Samantha Potts/Crusader

The Adventures of Patrick Noir
Patrick Noir and the Amazons of Jurua Index by TrekkieGalPatrick Noir #2: The Werecat of Ashton Park Index by TrekkieGalPatrick Noir and the Blue Demoness of Brazil Index by TrekkieGal
Camilla Gomez/Amazonia

Robotica: Prototype Index by TrekkieGal
Carla Vales

Slave Maker: The First Slave Index by TrekkieGalSlave Maker: Ramna and the Key of Trianna Index by TrekkieGal
Vanessa Estrada

Star Trek FLASHBACK Issue1 by TrekkieGal
Candela Greene

Star Trek Dreadnaught: Prototype Index by TrekkieGal
Candice Mathis

Star Trek Delta Expedition Cover by TrekkieGal
Cadice Greene, Vanessa Yates, Lydinar

MY Fan Fiction


Heroine Prime: Issue 1 Index Wonder Woman by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Issue 2 Index Wonder Woman by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Issue 3 Index Supergirl by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Volume 1 Issue 4: Supergirl Index by TrekkieGalHeroine Prime Volume 1 Issue 5: Batgirl Index by TrekkieGal

Where I have been:

Germany Stamp by l8Ireland Stamp by l8America Stamp by l8Canada Stamp by l8Brazil Stamp by l8Spain Stamp by l8

What I love:

Brazil Beating Heart Stamp by l8I Love NY by l8I Love Weekends by l8I Love Art by l8

My Teams:

New York Yankees stamp by RWingflyr New York Mets stamp by RWingflyr New York Giants Stamp by nascarstones New York Rangers Stamp by nascarstones New York Islanders Stamp by nascarstones Brooklyn Dodgers Stamp by nascarstones Brooklyn Nets Stamp by TrekkieGal

My World Cup pick

Brazil Stamp by l8

My Causes:

Wonder Twin Stamp by CarthorisLesbian stamp by TimelessReferenceTransgendered pride by i-am-anonymousSOPA  PIPA by TheIndignantWerewolfDC New 52 Prohibited by TrekkieGal

My OC's:

Candela Greene Stamp by TrekkieGal The Changeling by TrekkieGalVanessa Stamp SM3 by TrekkieGalGirl Friday Crusader Stamp by TrekkieGalDoll Maker Stamp by TrekkieGalValkeris Stamp by TrekkieGalThe Cook Stamp by TrekkieGal

My Specialties:

Wonder Woman Stamp by TrekkieGal Supergirl Stamp by TrekkieGal Powergirl Stamp by TrekkieGal Jade Stamp by TrekkieGal Batwoman Stamp by TrekkieGal Donna Troy by TrekkieGal

My Family:

Cynthis Stamp by TrekkieGalSM3 Champu Stamp by TrekkieGalGirl Friday Excalibur Stamp by TrekkieGal

My Titles:

Comicbook Creator Stamp by TrekkieGal Orion Princess by TrekkieGal


Candice Greene
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
3D Renderist that loves Star Trek

Specialize in Futanari, Transgendered art.

Producer of Stories of Sci-Fi fantasy and Graphic Novels.

I do make some textures for clothing and skin for Victoria 3, and Michael 3 models, as well as simple constructs and prop work.

I am a big fan of Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age DC Heroes, especially Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl.

1). Favorite Nail Polish: OPI- Hawaiian Orchid
2). Favorite Car: 1972 Dodge Polara
3). Favorite Song: Funkin for Jamica - Tom Browne
4). Favorite Cartoon Character ever: Fred Fredburger
5). Favorite Color: Red
6). Favorite Sport: Soccer
7). Favorite Team: New York Yankees
8). Biggest turn off: Ignorance
9). Favorite deviant: If you have to ask, it's not you.
10). Favorite Star Trek Series: DUH I'M CALLED TREKKIEGAL (and the last movie sucks tribble shit)
11). Favorite Starship: NCC-1701..The End
12). Favorite Sci-Fi series: DR WHO!
13). Favorite Robot: GIGANTOR
14). Favorite Anime EVER: ROBOTECH
15). Most inspirational story: John Carter of Mars
16). Best Sci-i movie I find relevant: Soylent Green
17). Best Starship Captain: Kirk DUH!
18). Guys or Gals: People, I love People
19). DC or Marvel: They Both Suck
20). Most beautiful person in the Universe: :iconcyn-this:
21). Favorite Pony: Fluttershy
22). Favorite Graphic Novel Ever: Morbis Gravis
23). Favorite Position: Firstbase
24). Favorite Game Platform: An open field with Grass.
25). Best hobby you ever had: Model Rocketry
26). Stupid thoughts: Why guys pee standing?
27). Worse thing ever on the internet: facebook
28). Best thing ever on the internet: Porn
29). Favorite Celebrity ever: Farrah Fawcett-Majors
30). Center of the universe: Peanutbutter and Chocolate

My birthday badge
The timing is simply impeccable isn't it.  Commissions are open :iconcommissionsopen:


Big Reveal by Femfan1
by Femfan1

Once again your Genius is showing. Your skills are really improving with every critique I do. The lighting is on point, and the skin te...

The One True Wonder by Femfan1
by Femfan1

OK I'm going to have to reach for words this time. "This is truly the Best Wonder Woman render I have ever seen!" What caught my initia...

The Crux of the Problem by Femfan1
by Femfan1

WOW what a scene. This has definitely caught my sights. I love the atmosphere, and the feeling in this one. I can feel the light from t...

Wormin by Femfan1
by Femfan1

OH MY FREAKIN GAWD! Okay with that out of the way, this scene is awesome on so many scales. And considering this was suppose to be a sc...

CoveRed Entry by Femfan1
by Femfan1

Once again you have proven you have talent. his is a wonderful image. The Lighting is on point, as well as the scenery. Best part this ...

BatWoman and Wonder Woman slap by powerbook125

Ok I have NEVER given out four fives stars, and I mean EVER but WOW! s there anything not to like about this? I mean only Batwoman cold...


The timing is simply impeccable isn't it.  Commissions are open :iconcommissionsopen:

The Next Starship project? 

12 deviants said Deck Plans - Steamrunner Class
10 deviants said SOTL - USS Crusader
6 deviants said SOTL - USS Federation
3 deviants said I'm out of options, what would you like to see.


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